Ecological sustainability with every blood sample

Our contribution towards greater ecological sustainability

As a plastics processing company, we believe it is important to take responsibility for future generations. However, due to the high requirements for medical devices and laboratory products, there is no alternative to using high-quality plastic. Therefore, we strive to contribute to more sustainability through a variety of measures.

Our resource-saving product and packaging components and the well-designed concept make the S-Monovette® particularly sustainable compared to other blood collection systems.

The CO2e saving and material reduction were recorded by evaluating the weight and the materials used. To compare blood collection systems, three S-Monovettes were compared with three vacuum tubes, including their respective needles.

The result of this examination clearly highlights the ecological advantages of using the S-Monovette® blood collection system:

  • 40% less CO2e per blood sample
  • 32% less material used compared to vacuum systems
  • 93% less rubber with the S-Monovette® cap
  • 10% lower emissions by using PP instead of PET
S-Monovette® - a 40% reduction in CO2e and 32% less materials


User-friendly cardboard packaging that allows environmentally friendly production and disposal: The box of the S-Monovette® can be folded flat to considerably reduce waste volume.

The S-Monovette® uses environmentally friendly cardboard packaging

The SARSTEDT principle is to minimise the use of raw materials for both the product and the packaging components of the S-Monovette®. The “Guidelines for Green and Sustainable Medical Laboratories” of the EFLM (European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine) Task Force Green Labs set out the requirements for plastics and packaging in Section

Medical laboratories can become certified as a Green Lab, and SARSTEDT supports this by providing product and packaging components that save resources!

More information about Green Lab can be found at



330 S-Monovette® Safety Needles can be disposed of in a 4-l Multi-Safe box. Five times the number of disposal boxes would be required for the same number of needles incl. needle holders from other blood collection systems.

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