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The S-Monovette®
the gold standard in blood collection

Venous blood is the most important sample material for answering medical questions. And the basis for performing diagnostics smoothly and precisely is optimal specimen quality. The S-Monovette® from SARSTEDT has set standards in this field since its launch:

No other blood collection system provides such optimal specimen quality, regardless of the vein conditions – reliable blood collection for a reliable diagnosis.

With the S-Monovette®, set standards in blood collection

Top view of S-Monovettes
Special needle guard minimises the risk of needlestick injuries.
The slim, ergonomic design of the needle
holder ensures a flat puncture angle.
Ready to use immediately thanks to the integrated needle holder (multi-adapter).
The deeper membrane prevents contact with blood at the puncture site.
Holding tabs guarantee a reliable connection between the needle and the S-Monovette®.
The screw cap makes it easy to open, thereby minimising the aerosol effect.
Transparent label allows for easy visual inspection.
Unique design allows blood to be collected using the aspiration or vacuum technique

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