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All types of S-Monovette® needles and adapters can be used straight out of the packaging - ready to use - and allow you to work quickly and safely - there is no assembly required as the needles are available exclusively with integrated holders.

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Centrifuged blood sample with a clear supernatant (serum) shows optimal specimen quality for problem-free diagnostics.

 S-Monovette® - Centrifuged blood sample with a clear supernatant

Why you should ensure the best possible specimen quality

  • Time, personnel and material costs are reduced with a minimised haemolysis rate.
  • Poor-quality samples make problem-free diagnostics more difficult.
  • Repeated blood collection is stressful for both patients and staff and results in high additional costs.

For problem-free diagnostics and thus optimal patient care, a blood sample must meet the highest requirements. Haemolysis can falsify the laboratory results and make repeated blood collection necessary. The aspiration technique of the S-Monovette® can significantly reduce the occurrence of haemolytic samples as the blood flow can be adjusted to each patient’s vein conditions.

Due to the gentle blood collection using the aspiration technique and the low suction this involves, vein collapse is largely prevented even with fragile vein conditions.

Optimal specimen quality also means correctly filled samples with no coagulation. Coagulation as well as e.g. underfilled coagulation analysis samples prevent diagnostics from being performed immediately and may necessitate repeated blood collection.

Haemolysis – what the studies say

  • High shear stress during blood collection leads to increased haemolysis.
  • Strongly haemolytic blood samples cannot be analysed and require repeated blood collection.
  • The gentle aspiration technique of the S-Monovette® can reduce haemolysis rates considerably compared to the vacuum technique.
tabelle aspiration

Direct and easy with Tempus600®

The Tempus600® Vita sending station makes it easy to send small clinical samples straight to the laboratory via a tube system. The sample tubes can be sent immediately after collection without requiring additional packaging.

Once the sample tube is loaded into the Tempus600® the next sample tube can be sent. The smart and minimalistic design ensures that the sending station fits in almost all locations and takes up very little space.


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