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SARSTEDT offers the S-Monovette® Paediatrics for the smallest patients. It can be used to collect small volumes of approx. 1 ml straight from the vein without a transfer step.

The elderly as well as critically and particularly chronically ill patients also have fragile veins that are very easily damaged.

The S-Monovette® with the gentle aspiration technique is the solution here.

  • Minimum stress for the patient
  • No need to use additional syringes
  • No need to transfer samples into secondary tubes
  • Avoids repeated punctures and blood collection
  • No collapsed veins

Patient Blood Management –
small volume, big effect

For optimal patient blood management (PBM), SARSTEDT offers the standard versions of the S-Monovette® as well as specially developed, volume-reduced variants. This allows the blood volume to be adjusted precisely to the respective requirements

  • Blood loss from laboratory diagnostics is significantly reduced.
  • Hospital-acquired anaemia is reduced.
  • Stress for the patient is lower.


Stop Bloodloss

What matters to you matters to us

The S-Monovette® blood collection system has already been proven millions of times over and we are continuously expanding our range in close collaboration with our customers. For the best possible care, whether in paediatrics, geriatrics, oncology or the emergency department.

Top view of S-Monovettes

Our strength:
more than standard

In addition to the standard designs, we also offer a unique variety of special versions, such as for small volumes, platelet function analysis, immediate glucose stabilisation or the excellent stabilisation of cfDNA.


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